Lora is the primary typeface across all branding. Lora is described as a well-balanced contemporary serif with roots in calligraphy […] with moderate contrast well suited for body text. It was chosen because of its humanist qualities and readability.

The following variations are used:


Dark theme

There are four variations of logo:

  1. icon;
  2. logotype;
  3. icon and logotype; and
  4. sub branded icon and logotype.


The icon is a square containing a logo known as the "cut out" (e.g. the stylised "d" and "f").

The letters d and f, stylised and inside a square.
The icon for my personal brand.

The cut out can be changed in the sub branded icon and logotype variation. A custom cut out should be a simple silhouette.


The logotype is set in Lora, all lowercase, with a tracking of -20. The kerning between words (e.g. "daniel" and "franklin") is 220.

The text Daniel Franklin, stylised as a logotype.
The logotype for my personal brand.

Icon and logotype

The icon is placed to the left of the logotype.

A stylised d and f, inside a square, next to the text Daniel Franklin.
The icon and logotype arranged together.

Sub branded icon and logotype

A subtitle is placed underneath the logotype, which is raised slightly higher to accommodate for the additional text.

A stylised d and f, inside a square, next to the text Daniel Franklin with the subtitle sub branded logo.
The icon and logotype arranged together with a placeholder subtitle to demonstrate sub branding.