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Lora is the primary typeface across all branding. Lora is described as a well-balanced contemporary serif with roots in calligraphy […] with moderate contrast well suited for body text. It was chosen because of its humanist qualities and readability.

The following variations are used:

Colour palette

The colour palette is made up of dark purple and beige. I chose these colours because I like them. Hooray for colours.

Primary colours


Neutral colours


Monochromatic colours

Desaturated versions of the primary and neutral colours exist for cases such as black and white printing.

Monochromatic primary colours


Monochromatic neutral colours


Theme colours

Sections of this website use themed branding, replacing the primary palette for a custom palette to better suit the content.

birds theme


notes theme


There are four variations of logo:

  1. icon;
  2. logotype;
  3. icon and logotype; and
  4. sub branded icon and logotype.


The icon is a square containing a logo known as the "cut out" (e.g. the stylised "d" and "f").

The icon for my personal brand.

The cut out can be changed in the sub branded icon and logotype variation. A custom cut out should be a simple silhouette.


The logotype is set in Lora, all lowercase, with a tracking of -20. The kerning between words (e.g. "daniel" and "franklin") is 220.

The logotype for my personal brand.

Icon and logotype

The icon is placed to the left of the logotype.

The icon and logotype arranged together.

Sub branded icon and logotype

A subtitle is placed underneath the logotype, which is raised slightly higher to accommodate for the additional text.

The icon and logotype arranged together with a placeholder subtitle to demonstrate sub branding.